Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Oh my goodness!  Apparently getting sick ruins your life.  Erik was underway the week of Valentines day last month and it happened to coincide with both girls getting sick for the first time ever.  Holy freaking crap.  Claire was just miserable, had a fever, and would not eat or drink practically the whole week.  My Mom freaked out at me over giving her milk when she had a fever so I got pedialyte to make her happy.  Naturally I was right in what I was doing and should never have bothered getting it to begin with.  She wouldn't drink it and just got worse because the water wasn't giving her enough nourishment.  After a day of that nonsense I gave her her milk back and she started getting better.  So, if anyone out there thinks that milk is horrid to give to sick/fevered children they can keep it to themselves because a little extra mucous vastly outweighs becoming sicker because they have no strength to fight off whatever virus they have.

Of course, by Friday the girls were feeling better and I was practically dying (being a little dramatic but when you have to take care of babies and be sick at the same time you've earned it).  Thankfully Erik came home and went out to get me cold meds.  I got somewhat better but then overdid it the next weekend and got myself sick all over again.  But it was Miranda's birthday and I wanted to make sure we did at least something family related for it.  I baked a cake and we all went to the aquarium.  I was "mostly" fine until about halfway through the day and then couldn't do anything without coughing so bad I would dry heave.  Fun.

Now, after almost three weeks of being sick I am finally feeling normalized.  I really honestly think that we all got sick from how everything got thrown off when my family visited.  I had been doing really well with cooking at home, no processed foods, working out, and just sticking to that routine.  December just derailed everything though.  We all ate junk more often than not, I haven't worked out at all, and cooking real food just did not happen.  I hadn't even been in the mood to do anything and truly just felt worn out all the time.

I can clearly see that making meal plans, sticking to routine, and making the time to work out at least a little was really imperative to all of our wellbeing.  I got a dry erase calendar thing and it is up on the wall with our meal plan.  I organized our laundry room over the weekend and I'm feeling much better about things in general.  I spent yesterday and today prepping food for dinners and lunches for the next two weeks and I'm really excited to finally be eating right again.

I just put in my first workout since November!  Now I'm drinking my shakeology and I know that this is the kick start to things going great again.  I can't wait until Wednesday when the Brazil Butt Lift comes in and I can start integrating it into Turbo Fire!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 11, 2013

Sick babies.  Two of them.  Double snotty noses is double the fun!  Miranda hasn't been sick since she was about a month old and Claire hasn't been sick in well over a year.  They're both pretty pathetic, but really Claire is the worst.  She has a horrid cough going along with the snot faucet.  I got the pleasant greeting of slept in baby vomit this morning, which is not a fantastic smell.  Also, I have no idea what food group she tossed, it didn't resemble anything she's eaten lately whatsoever.  So yeah, really glad we decided not to do bath time last night since we had that bright and early this morning!  Miranda is just upset because she smacked/scraped her nose on the tv stand the other day and its really sore, which doesn't pair well with a running nose.  That nose sucker is also the most evil device on the planet to a baby/toddler.

I, personally, love that thing.  I totally used an extra one we had when I was pregnant with Miranda and couldn't take anti-histamines.  I have something weird with my sinuses that makes my nose blow wrong.  Everything I try to blow out will bubble up under my eye, which is stupid and annoying.  This means, I either sit around with tissues shoved up my nose (which I have done at work before) or I use that nose sucker thing.  The girls hate it though and really don't understand that unless I do that they'll just get sicker.  It makes me feel horrible.

In other news, we finally bought a table.  It should get here sometime this week.  We went with a standard rectangle four seater since the girls are probably going to be spilling countless meals on it and doing many arts and crafts.  I figure there is no need to spend a butt load of money on something nice that's just going to get messed up and have to be replaced with something equally as expensive.  So we spent half what I budgeted for it instead and got something that will last and I don't really mind if it gets scratched or drawn on.  We had the same philosophy for the couch and its been amazing.  This is also because we know we'll be moving elsewhere for the Navy in a couple of years and moving can do horrid things to furniture.  This way, I have no worries.  We plan on upgrading everything when we move into a more permanent location/don't have babies.

We got Miranda's crib assembled last night.  They both got new mattresses as well.  I suspect that if they weren't sick they would have slept better since Claire no longer has a saggy ripped up mattress and Miranda is no longer in the pack in play.  I never realized that perhaps a "tear resistant" mattress would be a good thing.  I hope these are better, they certainly feel more firm and durable than the one she had. The cover on it is also much much thicker.  That's just one of the things you learn after having the kid for a year.

For now, my house reeks of Vick's and I can still smell the baby vomit (which I really think is just in my head).  I look forward to this weekend, a dining room table, and possible Outlet mall shopping.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Feb 8, 2013

Heavy sigh.  I hate when things in the universe stack up and make things blah.  I mean yay that I'm not preggo but did this week have to coincide with an underway and babysitting.  Why couldn't it have been last week when I wasn't on baby duty with regular working hours?  Or, whatever.  It annoys me that we got our refund and it also coincides with the underway so now we have to wait to go get stuff.   I did manage to order the crib...and its getting here today so it'll go a week before it gets put together.  It wasn't supposed to get here until next weekend but I guess Fedex is on its A game.  I'm fully capable of putting it together myself, its mostly the fact I've tweaked something in my back and I don't feel like hauling all that shit upstairs.

The only thing we really are buying that we both need to be there for is a table.  We don't have a dining room table and I'm really getting tired of chasing the girls around the living room at meal times.  Plus the couch will probably be grateful no one is making yogurt face on it anymore when we finally have a table set up.  Thank God for microfiber, oxi clean that crap and you can't even tell there was a spot!  Great for kids and dogs!

The only thing that this underway and my heightened lady emotions is doing is making me prematurely freak out about the next (last, hopefully) deployment.  There is so much junk going on with the government right now that I don't know what to think.  It can either mean the deployment gets its time cut because they can't fund it.  Or it could go the other way and get stupid extended because they can't fund switching ships around so much.  His underway last week was changed around because the Navy couldn't afford it, so I just really don't know what to think right now.

This past week was interesting emotionally.  I started a different birth control pill back in November and it seriously helped my PPD issues pretty much disappear.  It is also the kind where you only have 4 periods a year so this is the first one I'm having to deal with in a while.  My emotions have been crazy this week!  I have mostly just been really down.  I also used to never get bloated and now I do, which is annoying.  I've also come to the conclusion that my fingers must have grown during pregnancy.  My feet did and then they went back to normal but my fingers aren't.  I still can't wear my rings even though I'm smaller than I was when he proposed.  It is really the only logical explanation so I may have to get them resized.  I'm going to wait a little bit just to make sure, but if at another 10 pounds down I still can't wear them I'm going to bite the bullet and just get them changed.  I've always had chubby fingers so this really shouldn't surprise me.

So that's my brain dump today.  I am at least looking forward to going crazy at the grocery store later.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan 30, 2013


I could not tell you the last time I went to sleep and slept so soundly the entire night that when the alarm went off in the morning I was confused as to what the noise was.  But it happened last night/this morning!!!  I don't even recall waking up in the middle of the night, which is also something that has not happened since before Miranda.  Three cheers for everyone sleeping through the night!!!

I wouldn't have thought my sleep last night would have been so great because around noon yesterday I started getting the signs that a migraine was going to happen.  I attempted drinking water and then I actually grabbed a soda for some caffeine.  Things improved so I thought I wouldn't need to take anything but that suddenly changed around 8pm and went downhill from there.  By the time we went to bed I was having full blown stabbing pain which was making me want to rip out my brainstem.  I guess the sleep was needed because I woke up with no headache and slept really well.

Coffee is being enjoyed by me and Little Man just guzzled 8oz like it was his job.  The girls aren't up yet so I'm enjoying my alone time (well not really alone, but one baby feels like I'm alone compared to what I'm used to!).  Tomorrow is going to be awesome and Friday is going to be freaking EPIC.  My Sister is taking a mini-vacay to visit family and friends in FL since her Husband is out of town for training and she's leaving tomorrow.  This means no W for a week and no waking up early for me.  So, I only have to wake my Husband up tomorrow and since he'll be at work until Friday evening I won't have to set any alarms for Friday morning.  This will be the first time since having Miranda that I get to sleep in and everyone wins.  I am SO looking forward to Saturday morning when Erik gets to enjoy this luxury too.  Normally on weekends when he doesn't work he'll take Miranda downstairs when she wakes up and lets me sleep in, which I feel bad about but not so bad that I turn it down.  But, Saturday we'll both get to sleep in!

I never would have imagined getting so excited about sleeping.  I don't know what it is either but Claire has been super cuddly lately too.  She snuggled up on the couch with me the other night, laid her head on my arm, and just started toddler babbling at me.  It was the sweetest thing.  She's becoming such a little girl and not my baby.  I looked at pictures of them both yesterday morning for almost an hour.  I miss their smooshy baby-ness so much.  I didn't realize how chubby Claire was until looking back on it, or how alike they actually are.  Miranda is still a little cuddle bug and chunky but I know this next year she's really going to grow like Claire did.  When I saw those pictures of Claire a year ago when Erik got back from deployment and to see how much she's grown just blows my mind.

Jan 2012 picking Erik up at the pier

Jan 2013 our silly girl
I never thought I'd be one of "those" Moms that freaks out over their kid growing up too fast, and while I'm not crying over it or anything I will admit to thinking it moves quicker than I'd imagined.  I do miss her being a baby, which is why I think I'm even more cuddly with Miranda because I do know how fast these times go by.  On the other hand though, I am SO excited to watch her grow up and teach her things.  I love watching her experience new stuff.  Over the weekend we were at our friends kids birthday party and that little girl had a tickle me Elmo which Claire had never encountered before.  It randomly got turned on and watching Claire freak out about it, shriek in delight, and try to tickle it, made me laugh so hard and warms my heart to think about now.

Ever since this night time change I can't stop reflecting on my babies not being babies any more and getting all mushy about it.  I never wanted to be a Mom growing up, much less a stay at home Mom, but my life right now with Erik and our girls is right where I want to be and I wouldn't change anything.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 29, 2013

I think I'm just going to start putting the date in the subject since I'm not clever enough to think of a witty title every dang time.

Yesterday was epic.  The girls both slept until 8am when I went to get them.  I had several hours in the morning to do whatever I wanted (and take care of W since he is early this week).  When I put them to bed last night I was just lost.  I'm so used to having Miranda to take care of and I had no clue what to do with myself.  Erik was on duty so I just kind of sat around and browsed the internet trying to look up spoilers for Bones since I have to wait until today to watch last nights episode.

Two things did happen yesterday though.  I had ordered stuff from Victoria's Secret last week and it would have been here Friday had it not started snowing.  Snow in Va Bch means no one knows how to drive and everything gets shut down.  The year we actually had a snow storm it took Erik over three hours to get home from base when they let everyone out early to miss the storm.  It was barely snowing yet and we lived 8 miles from base.  Traffic here is already horrid but add in snow or tropical weather and getting anywhere within two hours is just out of the question.  Anyway, my package got here yesterday.

I used to order stuff online from them all the time and I hated it.  It didn't matter if you paid for the extra fast shipping or not, you weren't going to see your stuff for at least a month.  I finally stopped ordering online from them three years ago because of it.  I broke my rule for that only because it is so hard to get free time with the girls, babysitting, and Erik's schedule.  I also wasn't sure how much of their sport line was actually in the stores since I haven't been in one since getting pregnant to look for their workout stuff.  It was a happy day though because when I ordered the stuff it said not to expect it until the 31st, which I grumbled about but since I remembered that paying extra for shipping didn't do shit I just decided to deal with it.  Lo and behold, it was here yesterday though!  I'm not sure if it was a fluke or if they've finally gotten better with their shipping but I'll risk ordering something from them again if they're on their game now.

The other thing that happened was my fitbit isn't working.  I didn't wear it over the weekend and when I put it on yesterday and went to sync it, the display wouldn't turn on.  I tried taking the battery out and resetting it but nothing.  I emailed customer service and they told me it needed an update and that would fix it.  Unfortunately, you have to have the display turned on to update it...conundrum.  I know it isn't the battery either because when I synced it last week the monitor thing said it was full.  The batteries are also supposed to last a minimum of 4 months and I've only had mine for 3.  I'm more than a little peeved about their so far bad customer service and I'm hoping I get a more satisfying response today.

Today the agenda is doing my stretch 40 dvd (with my new yoga mat!!!), relaxing, and getting caught up on Bones and Biggest Loser.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weight Loss - Milestone

Minus 81 pounds!

The first image is from October 2012 and the second is from yesterday.  In the pictures it is a 23 pound difference.  I can't wait until next month when I can do my one year progress picture!  I am totally tooting my own horn here that I have lost 81 freakin pounds in around 8.5 months!!!

I am starting up the TurboFire program again today, I've been slacking on exercise and have literally not worked out since the end of November.  I ate cleanly with the exception of some Holiday cookies and such in moderation so I was still able to continue losing weight through the Holidays.

Next month is going to be exciting and I'm hoping to really tone up and get as close to a 100 pound loss as possible before Miranda's first birthday, but really the goal was to lose 100 in a year from my workout start date so I still technically have until May :)

Happy Dance

If you could see me right now you would see someone who is pretty hyper and excited!  Several things as to why that is.

First!  We slept baby free last night.  ALL night!!!  And she's still up there!!!  When we got in bed we were both like, "This is weird."  We've pretty much had a kid in bed with us or in the room with us since Claire was born.  I wouldn't say I got more sleep because I still randomly woke up in the middle of the night, but I was able to roll around and get comfortable faster which allowed me to go to sleep more quickly than if I were trying to not wake Miranda up.  She is taking naps like a champ, hardly even fusses when we put her up now, and actually sleeps longer than before.  It is a freakin baby miracle!

Next!  I have hit a huge milestone in my weight loss journey!!!  I've lost 81 pounds, which you'd think it would be hitting 80 that was special but its 81 because that puts me in the 160s!!!  I haven't been in the 160s since I met Erik in October 2009.  It is significant because from this point on I am losing past my original high weight.  I had fluctuated between like 168-175 before getting pregnant with Claire due to moving across the country and living in a hotel for a month.  That whole time was just rough and I ate like crap and never exercised.  I had plans of starting a new routine when we got settled but found out I was pregnant while we were still living in the hotel.  Then I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum which explained why I was having such a hard time functioning.  Once I was treated with anti-nausea medication I was able to live normally but by that point I started having severe sciatic nerve issues so working out wasn't happening.

I was just so excited  yesterday to step on the scale and see that number.  It is amazing to me that I was able to accomplish this before Miranda's first birthday.  I had really never imagined that I would be able to do it, I wanted to but I just didn't think I'd have enough time.  When you have one child you think you're really busy but you don't really realize how much you aren't until you have a second, especially when they're 11 months apart.  It didn't help in the beginning that Miranda was in that harness for so long, which really was a lot more stressful than I was expecting.  I realize that our parenting choices also cut into a lot of possible free time because of the not napping alone thing but that just goes to show you that it is totally possible to lose the weight when you make the time and healthy choices.